“Worlds Without Number"

“Worlds Without Number"


16"x22" Original Charcoal Drawing on Strathmore Paper

While science can give us remarkable insights related to earth and the vastness of space, God – their Creator – grants some a superlative glimpse of His infinite grandeur "worlds without number" all present before His face.

While Moses, in vision, did not apparently see beyond this world, the Lord did reveal to him that incomprehensible truth: "Worlds without number have I created" (Moses 1:33). No wonder Moses marveled, "Man is nothing, which thing I never had supposed“ (v.10). Thankfully, that truth was tempered with more hopeful words: "Thou art my son ...And I have a work for thee, Moses" (v. 4,6). Each of us likewise is a son or daughter of God, who knows us each by name. Each of us, too, has a work to do. Considering the grandeur of God's creations, however, reminds us of the need to trust less in ourselves and more in Him. He is able to do His work! We are permitted to help. "And this is my work and my glory - to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39).

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