“Depart Hence, Satan”

“Depart Hence, Satan”


18"x22" Original Charcoal Drawing on Strathmore Paper

Many of God’s servants throughout scripture have had to face Satan in an chillingly direct way prior to their ministry among men. Never, however, has that old serpent prevailed against the light, and glory, and Word of God.

Nor can he prevail against us—Jesus Christ being with us, and us with Him. In this drawing, Satan is being cast out by the prophet Moses. Prior to this moment, there had been more of a struggle, during which “Moses began to fear exceedingly; and as he began to fear, he saw the bitterness of hell. Nevertheless, calling upon God, he received strength, and he commanded, saying: Depart from me, Satan, for this one God only will I worship, which is the God of glory. And now Satan began to tremble, and the earth shook; and Moses received strength, and called upon God, saying: In the name of the Only Begotten, depart hence, Satan. And it came to pass that Satan cried with a loud voice, with weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth; and he departed hence, even from the presence of Moses, that he beheld him not. And…Moses lifted up his eyes unto heaven, being filled with the Holy Ghost…And calling upon the name of God, he beheld his glory again” (Moses 1: 20-25).

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