Light My Faith


Daily Bible verse: Meet Fine Art. Light My Faith will be a future app + webstore for both believers and seers, aimed at complementing God’s truths from scripture with the light of praise evident in breathtaking works of fine art delivered daily to your device. If you're looking for standard, "popular" Jesus pictures or illustrations, LMF isn't for you - this app and store features only cream-of-the-crop fine art images, past and present, ranging from Biblical narrative to scenic landscapes. Here are some examples of the quality you can expect:

Light My Faith was launched through Kickstarter in February 2018, and while the first attempt was not funded, the effort and exposure did provide valuable insight into how the app/store can succeed in coming months and years. Read on for more information. For updates, fill in the form above.

THE APP : The free app will include the daily featured art and Bible verse, plus 10 days of past features, 10 kids coloring pages, and basic printing options. The app will always be free to download, and forever free from distracting ads or pop-ups. Premium subscriptions will unlock access to all past artwork and verses, additional kids coloring pages, a discount on print purchases, and the ability to save favorite verses, artwork, and user-selected quotes from any source.

THE STORE : The web store will feature custom options of printing scriptures alongside artwork. The printing function, along with other features of LMF app, is explained in detail in the original Kickstarter video below:

At its core, Light My Faith app aims to elevate the mind and heart of Christians everywhere. It can help children, youth, and adults to break free from worldly distractions on digital devices, by providing an attractive, engaging, and Biblical alternative. While other apps do a great job providing the written word and textual graphics - activating the "left brain" to godly thoughts - this app provides primarily visual content that invites the "right brain" to feel, in a unique and powerful way, the peace of God.

*KJV will be the initial translation used, with other translations added in future releases (along with other languages).

The realization of this app + store can potentially call forth countless emerging artists of faith, enabling them to produce new and breathtaking prophetic art more regularly. Many, such as myself, are fully capable of doing so, but lack access to a broader market than their own friends and acquaintances. This app and store can help them to circumvent the limitations inherent to many of the bigger art-faith venues, through placing these fresh images in the palm of people’s hands - all without distracting advertising or cluttered aisles.

If you would like information on how you can help, want to share an idea, or simply want to stay in the loop on the development of this app sign up below: