Digital Downloads & Artist Intent

Thank you for your interest in my artwork!

My intent regarding the "Sacred Art" works is to glorify God, and give Christians & others the chance to own professional quality sacred imagery at an affordable price.

Unlike my fine art gallery works, which are by nature meant to be novelty pieces available only to a few, my hope for these sacred Christian works is that they bless as many lives as possible.

Accordingly, while my original sacred artworks are priced to reflect their one-of-a-kind value, I also offer here a greater selection of reproductions of these works, at a less expensive price than the other paintings on my site – including the option to download a printable file of select images for you, the customer, to use or print on a limited basis.

These digital downloads are for noncommercial, single* use only.

They may be printed and framed (once* per download) by the customer, given as a single* gift, used as screensavers/desktop backgrounds, or inserted in slideshows for public nonprofit digital presentations, or web/blog display, with artist attribution. For any other use,  such as for faith based events requiring banners in multiple reproductions, please simply ask me in advance for timely assistance.

May God bless you for your integrity, and thank you! Grateful you enjoy the work. 

Artfully yours,
James L Johnson






*Note: If you download a free image, you are welcome to share and print as liberally as you would like, so long as you include artist attribution and do not resell any artwork without prior, written consent. The above printing restrictions primarily apply to larger, paid downloads.