Commissioning a Custom Piece of Art

So you have a vision of something you want drawn or painted? Sweet! Here's what happens next:

1. Run your initial idea by the artist (contact James here)
    • You'll correspond by phone/email until he fully 'catches your vision'
    • He'll do a quick sketch (free of charge), and give you a price estimate
    2. Plan the final artwork deadline, determine payment arrangements together
      • He'll share additional sketches for your approval; you'll make a down payment and sign a contract
      • Together you'll agree on an excellent, satisfactory "rough draft" sketch of your image
      3. Wait for James to finish the final artwork, including reasonable corrections
        • You'll provide feedback (No additional fees charged for reasonable corrections)
        • He'll make corrections, you'll pay in full - and he'll mail the final masterpiece!

        It's that simple. Contact the artist today to get started.

        p.s. Here are some links with more specifics on pricing for landscape paintings, scriptural drawings, and scriptural paintings; you can find testimonials from previous clients on the home page (middle). Again, don't hesitate to contact James at any time. Looking forward to hearing from you!