Commissioning a Custom Piece of Art

So you have a vision of something you want drawn or painted? Sweet! Here's what happens next:

1. Run your initial idea by the artist (contact James here)
    • You'll correspond by phone/email until he fully 'catches your vision'
    • He'll do a quick sketch (free of charge), and give you a price estimate
    2. Plan the final artwork deadline, determine payment arrangements together
      • He'll share additional sketches for your approval; you'll make a down payment and sign a contract
      • Together you'll agree on an excellent, satisfactory "rough draft" sketch of your image
      3. Wait for James to finish the final artwork, including reasonable corrections
        • You'll provide feedback (No additional fees charged for reasonable corrections)
        • He'll make corrections, you'll pay in full - and he'll mail the final masterpiece!

        It's that simple. Contact James today to get started!